Booking Terms


When you make a booking you guarantee that you have the authority to accept, and do accept, on behalf of your party the terms of these booking conditions. A contract will exist as soon as we  confirmyour booking.

The balance of the price of your holiday arrangements must be paid at least 8 weeks before your arrival date. If the deposit and/or balance is not paid in time, we reserve the right to cancel your holiday arrangements. If the balance is not paid in time, we shall retain your deposit.


You may cancel a booking by giving us written notice. This notice will only be effective when received. Upon cancellation you will be subject to the following cancellation charges according to the number of days prior to arrival, when the notice of cancellation is received by us.

Days prior to arrival – Cancellation charges per person:

More than 60 days Deposit only

30 – 60 days 75%

15 – 29 days 85%

0 – 14 days 100%


Every reasonable effort will be made to comply with your requirements but we reserve the right to alter or cancel the whole or part of the programme. We will, where possible, offer you available alternative arrangements of a comparable standard or, in the case of cancellation, offer you the option of a full refund of monies paid. Only with alterations made by us within eight weeks prior to arrival, will the following compensation payments be made if you elect to accept the changes:

Days prior to arrival  –  Compensation per person

More than 60 days Nil

30 – 60 days £10

15 – 29 days £15

Under 15 days £20

NB These payments will not be made when alterations are necessary due to force majeure (as set out below).

Prices are based on an economic minimum number of workshop attendees. In the unlikely event that this number is not reached, we reserve the right to cancel the workshop and offer an alternative arrangement up to eight weeks prior to departure, but we have no other legal liability to you, in particular, no liability to compensate you for your travel arrangements to Crete. If a satisfactory alternative arrangement cannot be found then a full refund of the workshop and accommodation costs will be paid to you within 10 days of the written notice of cancellation.

We also reserve the right to cancel or alter arrangements at any time by reasons only of force majeure (war, threat of war, riots, Acts of God, civil disturbances, strikes, natural or nuclear disasters, terrorist activities or threat of such) including financial failure of sub-contractors. We shall offer an alternative of at least comparable standard (if available) but if this is not possible shall refund monies it is able to recover from suppliers less the deposit. Compensation payments as set out above shall not be made. We will refund monies paid within 10 days of written notice of cancellation, but we have no other legal liability to you.

Cretan Creative Holidays reserve the right to cancel a booking if it has reasonable doubts regarding your suitability. In these circumstances a full refund will be paid to you, and we have no other legal liability to you.

We reserve the right to alter a programme if made in the interests of your safety without liability to pay compensation of any kind.


Cretan Creative Holidays make arrangements with independent contractors who provide the services, which make up the component parts of your holiday arrangements. We will not accept bookings for more customers than for the numbers we has contracted. However, we cannot guarantee that the providers of services will not themselves overbook. We shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that arrangements are not altered or cancelled.

If services are overbooked for reasons beyond our control and we know of such overbooking prior to arrival we will immediately inform you in writing and offer alternative arrangements of comparable standard (if available) or a full refund of monies. If alteration is due to overbooking and occurs within eight weeks prior to arrival compensation payments as detailed above will be made.

If services are overbooked but we, do not know of such overbooking prior to arrival, you shall be offered alternative services of a comparable standard. However should you not wish to accept these changes, we will offer a full refund less the cost incurred by us, for transfers to and from your arrival point.


Cretan Creative Holidays intends to operate all programmes as originally detailed, and will make every effort to ensure that all arrangements operate smoothly. The extent of our liability is considered realistic and reasonably fair and is limited to negligent acts by us, or any person in our direct employ.

All arrangements are made with independent contractors. We do not accept responsibility for any negligence or act of default on the part of any bodies over whom we have no control, ie the provision of accommodation and workshops.

We accept no liability for any loss or damage of your property or injury or illness suffered by you unless you can prove that it was sustained as a result of our negligence, or any person in our direct employ.

Any additional expenses not included in the price of the holiday arrangements reasonably incurred by us, for or on behalf of you, ie medical, hospital, surgical, dental or similar treatment, transportation, repatriation costs, legal fines shall be payable to us, on demand.

We shall not be legally responsible for other Clients, or their actions, where their behaviour is detrimental to your holiday arrangements.

Most activities involve some risk, the participation of which is at your discretion. We accept no liability for personal injury due to participation in the programmed activities unless you can prove that it was sustained as a result of  our negligence, or any person in our direct employment. We accept no liability for personal injury or death sustained in any activity not included as part of the programme.

We accept no liability in the event that a particular tutor is unable to participate in a programme.

We accept no liability for the level of enjoyment of an activity.

We accept no liability to compensate if changes made to the itinerary, affect arrangements, ie your flight arrangements.


It is a condition of your contract that if you have a complaint you must notify us and your supplier immediately. If your complaint is not resolved locally please follow this up in writing to us not more. than 30 days after returning from your holiday to:

Cretan Creative Holidays,

Our Customer Services telephone number is 0030 6979397903

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