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As a new visitor to a country there's never enough time to the find the best the place has to offer – whether it's the hidden archaeological sites, the rich historical diversity,  the finest views, the out-of-the-way cafes and tavernas or just where to relax and feel part of the life there.

Below are some 'suggested' itineraries. They are not written in stone. Tailor-made days can be arranged to suit your needs.


Beyond Korrissa

Including a freshwater lake, a Roman city-state, a private folklore museum, an 11th C. monastery, a World War 2 museum, a Venetian olive press & lunch in a village taverna.

A Pirates Lair

Including a unique rotunda church, a school hidden in a cave, an archaeological museum, the spectacular West coast, a Hellenistic port and pirates’ lair & lunch in a village taverna.

Battle of Crete

A 2-day visit to all the important sites, scenes of conflict and memorials as well as private museums associated with the events following 20th May 1941 in Western Crete.

The Sfakian Experience

A one-day journey through the mountains of Sfakia visiting forts, castles and historic sites of occupation, rebellion and emancipation. Lunch by the sea.

An extended 2-day version is possible with an overnight stay in Loutro with two boat rides.

Hidden Apokoronas

Including, but not only, a Turkish fort, a Venetian monastery, an early-Greek theatre, a Folklore Museum, a Minoan tomb and an unusual Byzantine church. Lunch in a village taverna.

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As resident of many years your guide, Tim Powell has the experience and know-how to save you time finding the very heart of the life on the magical Island of Crete. Over the years on the island Tim has acted as a personal assistant to many people looking for that unique & special  experience.

"Tim Powell is not just exhaustively knowledgeable on the subject in hand – in my case, the Battle of Crete. He is incidentally fascinating on the people and culture of the island, as well as being a most congenial companion. Highly recommended."

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