Landscape Painting Workshop


(This itinerary covers a 5 day workshop –  workshops of shorter durations can be arranged)

Day 1: Wednesday Meet at Trisha’s studio in Kaina for an introduction to the course The first day will cover the use of your sketchbook, making colour notes, recording impressions and ideas The best way to understand the properties of the various media is to try them out You will be encouraged to keep the results as a personal sampler and experiment with different marks/qualities and media properties Some thoughts on using colour theory, the colour sphere and colour mixing techniques We will discuss the differences between the Northern European and Mediterranean palettes

Day 2: Thursday Composition – the devil is in the detail Using a viewfinder, working swiftly, unconventional approaches, thinking and painting outside the box! A short walk to Kaina springs.

Day 3: Friday Colour and collage The landscape abstracted – working with blocks of colour.

Day 4: Saturday The big picture – recording impressions of Psiloritis and the White Mountains We will undertake a short walk to the top of Kaina village to record the view of the Akrotiri and Souda Bay.

Sunday: Free Day

Day 5: Monday Cretan Panorama – pulling it all together What have we learned and where to go from here? A review of the work

Crete Weather

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