Silk Painting Workshop

© Anita Kingsworth 2010


(This itinerary covers a 5 day workshop –  workshops of shorter durations can be arranged)

Day 1: Wednesday:

We will discuss the use of your sketchbook and then an introduction to the properties of the materials you will be using

Splashing about with colour!  We will explore some fun, experimental techniques to get your creative juices flowing.  You will be encouraged to think of the landscape in terms of blocks of colour and simple shapes that can then be used as a starting point for a design Some thoughts about scale

Day 2: Thursday:

We will start by preparing and stretching the silk Transferring drawings and designs onto silk Using gutta and the serti technique – the results can resemble a stained glass window The day will finish with a brief evaluation of the first completed paintings

Day 3:  Friday:

Some more advanced techniques Using salt, other resists and batik effects Finding objects a source of inspiration Building on what we have learned so far

Day 4: Saturday:

Today you will be encouraged to work on a larger scale.  This can be very liberating and great fun!  The piece of work will be completed over the next two days – depending on how fast you work Preparing and stretching the silk Transferring the designs onto the silk Sunday: Free Day

Day 5:  Monday:

Completing the large painting or working on new pieces After lunch we will finish with an evaluation of the week

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